Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hi readers! I'm Molly McIntire, eleven years old, and I like the color blue....
but that's not the point!!!! I'm wanting to post about the strange behavior of Olivia Green.... and my relation Priscilla Smithens.
The whole school has been charged with electricity since Rilla's post, I can't understand it. Somebody whispered in my ear something weird about Rilla, but I couldn't catch it....
Forever yours in suspicion,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heh heh...

Hello, I'm Rilla Smithens, well... no I'm not. I'm Priscilla Smithens, but if you call me Prissie... watch out!! :) 
I came from Cincinnati, Ohio and we moved just recently. My parents decided to go back to Cincinnati the first night we were here, and they left me with Grandma, after making preparations at a big boarding school. At home we have a lot of horses, but it's too far away from the school, so I board at the school. Sigh...... well, it's not too bad actually, because I found my old friend from Cincinnati, Kit Kittredge. 
Okay!! Now that you now a bit of my history time for the fun stuff. I'm posting this post because of a life-long dream I've had...... well, no, actually I've been dared by a girl who thinks she's my friend. I'm not mentioning any names. Take a hint Libby!!!!
Bee is too busy worrying about her hamster to post on her blog, so I thought I'd do it for her. 
I'd like to thank all my best, and real friends, (Hint #2 Libby Green) for making this possible, aforesaid Kit Kittredge, Samantha Parkington, Dakota Ronan, and my distant relation Molly McIntire.
Uh-oh! There's Libby, I'd better wrap this one up, and get far, far away before she reads this post!
I'm already plotting my next post!!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hi! (My first post!!)

Hello, I'm Bee. I started this blog so that I could have a place to showcase my AG dolls and crafts.
Some facts about me,
1. My favorite colors are purple, blue, and orange.
2. I have 6 dolls currently.
3. My first doll's name is Linzy.
4. I'm excited about blogging!
That's about it,
See you around!
~ Bee ~