Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Locker Stalker

  You can learn a lot about a person by looking in their locker... I did, actually and found out quite a lot...

Hmm... what an odd locker....
A compass, a telescope, a terrarium, a copy of Charlotte's Web, an iPod, and a rock....
This locker belongs to Lola Akina! Interesting.....
So we can conclude Lola is secretly a tree-hugging adventurer who loves music!

Ah-ha! A typical Molly locker. Some school papers, an iPod, a calculator, a-! What's this? An owl, and a black snake! Astounding!
So Molly is not just a stellar student, she also likes animals!
Do you see the piece of paper in the back? That is her collage from last spring.... Molly secretly must love vibrant colors...                              

 Here we are, Sunny's compartment.
It honestly looks more like a closet.
A hairbrush, two books, countless shoes.... Sunny has realized how accident-prone she is and is apparently trying to be prepared.
Poor thing.

Rilla's locker can tell you right off she's a dancer. 
See her dance poster, her flowers, her teddy bear 
(Teddy bears are a must for sensitive dancers.), and her "High School Musical" notebook. 
So like Rilla. 

This is Olivia's.... Not exactly your run-of-the-mill locker. A toaster, a zebra, a basketball, a Justin Bieber CD, a smiley-face..... Tsk, tsk. What would Headmistress think? So Libby is obviously a zebra-lover, who plays basketball and forgets her breakfast or possibly her lunch. 

It is amazing what I found out. One could never tell these things about these dolls just by looking at them. 
Some Beautiful Girl 

School Pictures

This is Super Sunny reporting in for duty..... a few days late..... Sorry about that!

Today, I'm going to rate our school pictures on a scale of 1-3. (The good, the bad, the so-so) I will rate them on picture quality, outfit, and perhaps give out some bonus points.
For some reason, Libby has no school picture. Instead, here is mine:

Molly, the intelligent, the respected, etc.
Did her picture capture the true Molly?

Picture Quality: So-so (2)

Outfit: Bad (1)

Other: 1+ for good picture

Molly's total: 4                                     

Rilla, the ever-happy, the eloquent, the bunny lover.
Picture Quality: Bad (1) It's a bit blurry, no?

Outfit: Good (3)
I like the jacket. :)

Other: -1 for bad photo

Rilla's total: 3  

 Linzy, chatty, sociable, and self-proclaimed super-nerd.

Picture Quality: So-so (2)
They didn't even get her feet in the picture!

Outfit: Good (3)
Just because I can.

Other: 1+ for odd pose

Linzy has the highest score so far: 6

 Sarita Belen, drama club president, bird-watcher, and possible class president.

Picture Quality: Good (3)

Outfit: Good (3)

Other: -1 for awkward pose

Sarita's total: 5

Lola, trendy, tropical, and crafty. I dare not say more.

Picture Quality: Bad (1)

Outfit: Good (3)

Other: 1+ for awesome haircut

Lola's total: 5

So..... announcing fourth place:
Rilla, with a total of 3 points!

Molly, with a total of 4 points!

Sarita and Lola, tied, with a total of 5 points!

Linzy Doll, with a total of 6 points! Congratulations!

Aahhhh..... I love a little competition now and then, don't you?
Tune in tomorrow (it will be on time this time) for the "Locker Stalker"!

Wait, who was looking in my locker?

Friday, September 21, 2012

School Time with Sunny!

Hey, hey, hey! Sorry about the total loss of touch for like, sixty-gazillion years!
(Okay, maybe just a couple of months! :P)
School has like, totally started and Super Stylish Sunny has come to give you a run-down of all the news!
First of all, Molly has decided not to run for a second term for class president. Linzy is eyeing the position, but I think she's not serious enough for the part.
Sarita and Rowan are like, running the drama club single-handedly again..... Drama club makes me sad.... I didn't make it in.... I am just an understudy >:(

On a happier note, here is school craft:
Bee made this binder for us. I love it....  I hope she's going to give it to me!!! (Hint, hint) 
 Here are also some nice, random crafts Bee made:

Frederica von Byrd, (Fred) is a happy-go-lucky, absent-minded bird who loves peanut-butter and coffee.
Maybe all the caffeine explains her buggy eyes. :D
Also, Bee made a lovely lava-lamp. It's even recycled!
She made it from a gel pen that had run out of ink.
The stand is from cardboard that needlework pens had come on. She added some construction paper, and..... Voila! Instant lava lamp!
(The photo was taken in Libby's room.)

So, that's all. School is great, and I'm really looking forward to this year.
Tune in day after tomorrow for some more great school news!
Sunny <3