Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy birthday 2 me!

Happy Birthday, dear meee! Happy Birthday, Sunny!
Yes, yes, yes. My birthday was last week, the fourteenth.
I have been on a tour of British Columbia. Canada is lovely. :)
Christmas is coming, and we dolls have already had our party.
Merry Christmas!
P.S. And a special shout-out to all you followers out there! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Linzy's back! :D

hey hey hey guys & gals gals & guys I'm back! linzy is in the house!
yeah ive been on a a trip with Bee for a while  it was awesome! (none of Bee's other dolls came! boo-yah!) :D
we traveled through four whole states! (although in three of 'em we only stopped for gas) we saw all sorts of places and im sure all the other dolls are reaaally envious

we went to an AG store (I hated seeing so many dolls in boxes) and i got a t-shirt that says the city its in and everything

im all like "woohooowoohoo!"
and bee's all like "shush! we can't let anyone hear you!"
and im all like "it is EPICAL up in here!"
and shes all like "be epic a little quieter please"
bee is so unreasonable.

we met this really nice lady there too. she talked to us for a bit and was really friendly
i of course slept through the whole conversation but bee listened like a good human should.

the trip was very good but of course the humans had to bring their big smelly dogs and through the last part of the trip the smaller one wouldnt stop crying 

i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired now and ill probably have to take like a zillion naps

anyway after Christmas bee says she's going to post about the Christmas presents she made so stay tuned! 
linzy doll (the unique one that <3's justin bieber!)
happy thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random News from New School President!

(Drum roll please!!) Last spring, I, Molly McIntire swooped into the school, swept up the majority of the votes, and I, the patient Molly, waited AAAAAAAALLLLLL through the llllllooooooonnnng, hot summer, 'til FINAAAALLY I was inaugurated.
Thank you, thank you, my big braggy moment is over. Okay, let me shed some light. Last spring, our school had student body president elections. Edith and her 'friend' (toady) ran, Kaya and I think... maybe Jenna? ran, and then Rilla and I ran.
Yes, Rilla is my new vice president. I am soooooo excited! And also my wrist has healed, and that's why I'm typing again. :D Epical!

It was really hilarious because last week, Linzy went to this sleep over with Bee, (I wasn't invited which I was kind of ticked about :P) but when she came home, she was... weird. She staggered into my house and flopped down on the sofa. She was giggling like she had no sense (which might be true!)
Linzy just wouldn't stop laughing! (It's a good thing I was the only one home, since Ricky totally would have freaked.)
Eventually she stopped laughing, and moaned, "I so tired."
"So what's wrong, Linzy?" I asked.
"Sugar," she replied. Her eyes looked like she had garbage bags under them. Probably she didn't go to sleep at all. She began again. "And Cooking Mama, and dancing, and singing, and popsicles, and and and..."
I will leave off all her 'ands', hiccups, and giggles.
I pushed her all the way back to her house, and all the time she wouldn't stop talking about how much her head hurt.
Wow. The thing is, I'm actually used to her acting like she's a maniac. (Don't worry, she was fine after the sugar's effects wore off.)

Anyway, back to my public servantiness.
So far, I have accomplished is making a reserved area for playing football in the school lawn.
I bet your asking, "Hey, I thought this was a girl's school?"
News flash! Libby LOVES football. And anyway, whenever we have a play or a basketball game, all our brothers come bounding in, trampling all of the pretty grass. Mr. Murphy the janitor gets awfully touchy when it comes to that grass! 
I put the rec area at the back of the school, so it isn't very noticeable. 

I also got the "No posting of signs" signs, and the "Stay off the grass" signs re-painted. They look great! ........ Well, sort of. 
Now they're covered in smileys, hearts, peace signs, and rainbows because I gave the art class that job. 
Well that wraps things up nicely!

President McIntire i.e.
Molly M.

Monday, October 17, 2011

An Injury of a Smaller Degree

It's me, Rilla, if you couldn't tell. Today my name is pickles, just FYI.
Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.(I was poking my broken foot again, although I know I shouldn't.)
Lately, almost everyone is getting hurt.  I, Molly, Sarita and Libby are all suffering in some way or another. (Also some other people are, too.)
I and Molly hurt ourselves before this weeks' basketball game, and Sarita and Olivia hurt themselves during the practice, and after the game. Crazy, huh? :O
Molly broke her wrist, that's why she obviously can't post on our blog. :) Oops.... I guess I shouldn't be smiling at others' affliction. :[ (That was a faked frown, by the way.) She only let me write one of my names on her cast. >:( Meanie.

Sarita was hit it the head by a basketball. She consequently thought she was going to go blind. (Her screams echoed through the gym.... it, unfortunately was hilarious.) She lost the feeling in her hands because she sat on them for so long in the nurse's office, that she couldn't tell she was touching her face. :[ (Another faked frown.) She also burned her hand at the Community barbecue.

Livvy's damage wasn't so funny. She was guarding the basketball hoop, and a basketball came soaring down and hit her in the head. After that she said she was okay, but after the game ended, she collapsed on the ground and was taken to the ER. :( This can be said with a sincere frown.

Well, um.... we're all doing okay I guess, although Libby's memory hasn't completely returned yet... (Awkward silence)
I'm probably going to be my favorite book character for Halloween, or I might be a princess. I don't know what the others are planning. :P

The eloquent, the injured,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer Memories

hey this is linzy and in a second it will be molly and thats because were all posting about our summers cause we couldn't decide who got the computer first and yeah this summer was great and camp was bad and i didn't go to that amusement park that everybody else did
love linzy
ps im not strong on capitalization or punctuation

Molly reporting for service.
How are you? How was your summer? Yeah, yeah,  yeah, my summer was good, all though when I worked at Corny Island I had to be a dancer, do puppet shows, make kebabs, and sing dumb songs. The only good thing was that I saw Libby, Kit, Sunny, Samantha, Jenna, Dakota, Kate, Jane, Kaya, and Josefina.
School is okay, and I'm on the basketball team.

Dear Readers,
This was my first summer in America. It is lovely. I stayed home while the other dolls went to Corny Island.
Sarita Belen

Summer was fab, and I am ready for a couple months of school. Just a couple, mind you. (I'm trying to be optimistic, okay?)
Corny Island was.... dorky.

Hello. Here is Cora Elizabeth Priscilla Smithens the Great. I stayed home all summer, rode horses, baked cookies, and practiced acting. It was exhilarating, although Bee didn't play much with us, though. I'm a cheerleader on our school's basketball team. Am I writing too much? Libby says I am. The other dolls posted such puny, little things.
And, and, and......

Libby here.... FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! >:( Why do I always have to go last?
I guess that's better than not at all, but how am I to know if we hold your interest? What if everyone stops reading before here?

Summer was hot... I sabotaged someone's yard because they were mean, I worked at Corny Island for half the summer..... so....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

yo yo yo

Hi... this is Bee... who hasn't posted on her blog in a loooooooooooooonnnnngggggg time.
Sorry about that!!!! I left it in care of the dolls, but those rascals were too lazy to post. You say you think I'm too lazy to post and I should take better care of my blog? Not so, my friend. For reasons beyond my control, I can't post too often. (Also I'm just plain too lazy. :P )

Here are some pics of what I made over the summer.
 These are modeling clay roses I sculpted with my hands; they're the same roses, at different angles.  FYI, they were a whole lot more cracked in real life. They were also more clay-ish. And, another thing to note is I did it completely from memory. No bouquets, no photos, no nothing.

The next picture is a pair of doll's sandals that I made for a friend. They are simply red foam sewn together. Nothing else very remarkable about them.

Well, thanks for looking! It's been a fun summer.

Oh! I just remembered. The dolls wanted me to tell you that they all went to that amusement park, Corny Island. They had an awful time, and I think they'll post about that later.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The End of Camp, and some Merry Plans

Hey! This is Alison DuFord, or Sunny if you prefer.
Anyway, I was just coming to say that camp ended with hot, dry days, and Linzy got sick. It was probably the food. She had a nice enough cabin.  I HAD TO SLEEP IN A TENT FOR, LIKE, CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! >:( I should have gone home after the first day!!!!
Well, now I'm happy again, because my parents have this business trip, right next to a theme park. And, to keep me out of trouble, my parents said I could spend the day there. Yay! And I think some friends are coming! Double Yay!!!!!
:D AliSunny

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 3 and 4 of Linzy's Rushing River Camp Excursion!

Linzy collaborated day 3 and 4 into one letter. It wasn't very enlightining

Dear Bee,      July 14
Today and yesterday, it rained.
Enough said.
PS1 I hope we don't get rained out of camp again
PS2 I am not going to write again, I have to spend a lot on postage, and I don't have much more spending money left. :P Sorry!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 2 of Linzy's Rushing River Camp Excursion!

Here's Day two's letter:

Dear Bee,       July 13
Today was good, except after the nature hike, I fell down the steps to my cabin, and I hurt my wrist, and ankle. :(
I'm doing okay, but I wish I could use my hand. We had a nice craft, but Eliza has so many strikes that they were considering sending her back home. However, she is still here.
It was really weird, because these girls named Sneaky Pita, Nervous Nellie, and Average Jody walked up to Olivia and called her names, and scoffed at her. Actually, Sneaky Pita was the only one doing that. And then Sneaky Pita challenged Libby to a race. It was a tie, but they were huffing and puffing at the end. Weird, huh?
PS The hike was really hot.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 1 of Linzy's Rushing River Camp Excursion!!!

Hey all! I am here to report a letter from Linzy Doll, who has safely made it Rushing River Camp. :D I hope she has a good time. Here are the contents of the letter she sent me:

Dear Bee,                July 11, 2011
I have safely made it to camp. I would ask you how you are, but I saw you just this morning. :) Molly, Rilla, Sarita, Sunny, and Libby made it, too. No one got left at a gas station.
Anyway, camp is as fun as last year. Well... I hope, since it's only the first day. I'm in Cabin #2 with my twin Eliza, Sarita, and her cousin Rowan. This is a picture of our cabin. I don't know who took it.

The one bad thing is, I've only been here three hours, and Eliza has already made me mad. >:( She bought cotton candy, only she didn't know you had to pay, so I had to pay for it. It costed a whopping $5.00. >:( 
Well, the one thing I'm glad of, is that I get a real cabin this year. Also, the chili we had for dinner was delicious.
Roughin' it!!!!!

I miss Linzy. And Molly. And Rilla. And Sarita. And Libby. And Sunny. WAAH!!! They've been gone a whole day!! Enough of that, they will be back soon.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


RUSHING RIVER 2011 HERE I COME! Yup, it's me, Molly McIntire. I am rarin' to go to summer camp. I went last year, too... it was fun.... Kit fell of the boat, and Kaya fell off the high ropes course. It was also earlier in the year. :P
Whatever, I still get to go.
The happy camper,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miscellaneous Crafts 1

Ta-da! Here I am again after about 2 months of anonymity. I am here to tell you about some of my recent-ish misc. crafts.

First of all, I have Tallulah, a knitted babe. I made her for a friend's birthday gift, and I helped make the dress.
Moving right along, I made the shirt and the dress,  for the same friend, same birthday.
It's impossible to tell, but I sewed some sequins on the shirt to look like buttons.

This is a papier mache bird that I am making for myself.
It is nearly done, except for a few squishy spots.
It used to be a green balloon.

And last but certainly not least, I have my D.I.P, Bill. What is D.I.P.? A Dino In Progress. Bill has a lot of history. I got Bill from one of my friend's birthday parties. He was a white balloon with a silly looking face.
After a couple weeks, we decided to papier mache him, to preserve his balloon-ish life. The original Bill actually popped before we could make him, so we made another Bill. And then we papier mached him, and all is roses and sunshine :D.
Anyway thanks for looking!!!! Sorry about the bad pictures!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hey fashionable people of the universe!!! It's me, Sunny (who has never posted on this blog before.) I wanted to tell you about my dear friend Linzy. Yesterday, Justin Bieber's image was sabotaged in her eyes. It all started with an innocent phone call from Josefina. Josefina told Linzy that she won a sweepstakes on some cereal box, and that she got to meet Justin Bieber in person. Linzy begged to come over to Kirsten's house where they were meeting. She was granted the permission. Dakota's grandmother drove her over to the Larson's house. When she got there, she met 'him' and was in total awe, and made a complete fool out of herself. Libby came in, and talked to Justin about golf clubs, and Kirsten's older sister Kelly came down in her pajamas, and handled the situation  by saying, "Well this is awkward."
After a couple uncomfortable minutes it was revealed to Linzy that Molly was dressing up as Justin Bieber, Libby was faking, and Kelly was really Kit. Linzy nearly had convulsions. Eliza her twin lied to her AGAIN, and told her that it really WAS Justin Bieber, AND LINZY BELIEVED HER AGAIN!!!!!!! 
After that, the truth was spilled again, and Linzy had to go home.
As a result, a lot of people were grounded. And Linzy wouldn't say a word today, and she also put all her Justin Bieber merchandise in her closet. I saw her with my own two blue eyes.
I had to pump Kit for most of the little details, but I did watch some of that through a window.
Wow.... I live in a weird town....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

~Summer Vacation~

Sigh... Olivia.... SUMMER!!!! (My favorite season!)
Okay, hi. This is Libby. I am writing in short sentences because it is summer.
Vacation. Here. Now. Yeah. Awesome. Anyway.
Rilla is right, the end of year tests were... repulsive. BUT,
I was able to pass.... AND, I get a couple months of vacation. 
Summer vacation, no less. 
Hmm... not much has happened, other than a busy schedule with no school. :p I have been 'working myself to the bone' as mother fondly tells me. :) It feels like it. I'm wishing maybe I'll get to go to summer camp this year!!!! I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish!!!!!!
OLIVIA!!!!!!!! :D 
P.S. #1 Sometimes I have to let this stuff out... in bold type.
P.S. #2 Here's my excuse for not posting sooner, well, let's just say the computer and I aren't on speaking terms.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sublime + Sickening = Not a good feeling

Hello! This is Rilla S. I hope you haven't forgotten my name. Cora Priscilla Smithens McIntire, at your service.
FYI, Bee is letting us post again. Cool.
Okay, first of all, I going to apologize for us. Sorry we haven't posted in a while. There now, I'm going to explain the title. Hmm... I guess this 'not a good feeling' all started a little while ago, when our school became very strict, and boarders like myself can't go anywhere, or do any thing without, like a trillion permission slips. We also have to wear uniforms. :(
Sigh... I got used to doing without going to dance, and playing at Molly's house, but now they're are grilling us with tests.
I feel 'sublime' because school is ending soon, and I shall see my beloved parents again, but I feel terrible because of all the tests. Headaches, backaches from sitting in hard chairs, finger cramps, shoulder twinges... the list goes on, and on.
The tests are making me into nervous wreck. What if I fail? What if I FLUNK?!?!?!?
How will I survive until Friday?!?!?
~Cora~ (I need a fancy named 'cause I've been reading Jane Austen.) 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Necessities of Dolly Life

Hello!!! :D It's me, a buzzy Bee!! I'm here to talk about dollhouse stuff I made. (Okay, I had a leetle help.)
 Let's begin with some food. First of all, all the food and most of the dishes are clay, painted with acrylic paint by B-E-E, (That's M-E!) unless otherwise stated. Contents: Baked whole chicken, cake, fruit salad, vegetables, pie, two bowls, and two jugs. I got most of the ideas for the food from a dollhouse book.
Anyway, for the chicken, I didn't make the platter, or the vegetables on the platter, just the chicken itself.
The cake, I suppose is vanilla, with strawberry icing, but none of the residents of my dollhouse will tell me what flavor it is.
In the fruit salad I have three bananas, a cluster of grapes, and one apple. I made the bowl myself.
The vegetables consist of three potatoes, three carrots. The container was wood.
Pie.... hmm... tasty.... anyway, the pie is apple, as far as I know, as aforesaid, my dolls won't tell me.
The other bowls, and the two jugs, are wooden.
By the way, I didn't make the table, just FYI.

Next, here are two dolly dresses I made. They're not great, but at least my dolls have clothes. I didn't make the patterns, I just cut the pieces and sewed them together.
(I didn't make this table either. :P)

Last of all, I hope you can tell what this is. You spend nearly half your life in one. A bed. It is made from pipe cleaners, felt, stuffing, and thread. I had lots of help. Beelieve me you, this took a lot of pipe cleaners.
Thus, my dollhouse is equipped with the "Necessities of Life."
:D Thank you for looking!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Smarties

This is the last post ever on Bee's Way. My blog is crowding my life out, and I don't have time for the things I love. I'm starting to think dolls kinda creepy, they just don't cut it anymore. I've been neglecting my chores, and I just can't do it!     
Goodbye readers...............................................................................................


       Like that would ever happen! :D Happy April Fools everyone! 

                                       A laughing Bee!!!

'Barbie' stuff!!

Hey you guys! It's me, Bee! This post is going to be about some of the 'Barbie stuff' I have made in the past. I hope you all know what a 'Barbie' is, otherwise, or this whole post will be useless. :)

3 pillows, and a blanket,
all made out of felt

I believe these three pillows, and the blanket came first. I made them as a Christmas present for my younger sister.

'Barbie' Rug

I think the rug came next. It is crocheted Red Heart yarn. Sorry about the bad picture. :(
It looks felted because one night I sat and crocheted it, I stuck it in my pocket, a couple weeks later, when I was putting clothes away, I found an itty, bitty felted rug in my pocket.

Tomato & chicken soup, complete with sandwich
I made the soups and sandwich sometime, I can't remember when. The sandwich was simply three pieces of felt, sewn together. I made the soup cans out of tiny empty spools, tape, and some construction paper.

This dress and belt were also presents to my younger sister. I made the belt myself, (it is very hard to get on) but I had to have a lot of help with the dress.

 I made these shoes out of felt for my 'Skipper' doll. They were just going to be clogs, but I did a little sewing on the heel to make it pointy. (I also cut some off the toe.)

Thank you for looking through all of the things I have sewed and crocheted! The crafts didn't go exactly in this order, but I tried my best to remember.
            A very buzzy,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bee's Way is going to the dolls!!

Yesterday morning I was reclining regally on a lovely chaise lounge, sipping peppermint tea... yeah right, I was flopped out in the den, with a book when Molly McIntire came running up to me.
She was very agitated, and yet she still managed to stutter out all that happened between Rilla and Libby.
"And here I am reporting them to you," she gulped, after she finished. "You should have watched your blog better."
For a minute I was struck dumb. And then I had a two-second tantrum. I threw the pillows, and grumbled in a very loud voice. I was not screaming. I was raising my voice very loud. Okay, I was screaming.
After I very grumpily thanked Molly, she ran out of my house as fast as her legs could carry her, with a muttered, "So long, Bee."
As soon as she was gone I hopped up again, and ran to the computer. I read every post. I'm not sure I know what noise I made. It was between a growl and a, "Those guys!!!!!!!!"
After I had signed out of blogger, and quit the browser, I rushed to the Springfield Academy. 
I threw open the doors of the school, where Libby was holding a St. Patrick's Day bash. Some people complained that it was several days after St. Patrick's Day, but it didn't matter to Libby.
She was making a speech about turning St. Patrick's Day into St. Patrick's Week. I grabbed her off the lunch table where she was standing, and dragged her into the classroom.
"Olivia Sandra Green!!!!!!!!" I sputtered, as soon as the door had closed safely behind us.
"Yes?" she was annoyed at me for interrupting her speech.
"You are in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I snarled.
"I kinda guessed." she replied flatly.
I didn't explain everything, I yelled everything, and took away her privilege of posting on my blog for a couple weeks. I also made her promise to come with me to Rilla's house to apologize.
And so, this is how we ended up at Rilla's house at three o' clock PM.
When she opened the door, she looked surprised when she saw Libby and me standing, breathless, on her doorstep.
"Oh!" she exclaimed, when she opened the door. "Hi guys... come on in."
We did 'come on in', and abruptly sat down on two comfortable chairs.
"What 'buzzness' did you two come on?" Rilla giggled. And then she saw my face. She stopped giggling.
"It has to do with my blog," I replied darkly.
"Oh!" gushed Rilla. "Your cute, purple blog, I was just thinking-"
I was not to be resisted.
"You two need to stop this!!" I broke in, as my face started feeling hot. "Cora Elizabeth Priscilla Smithens!!!!!!!"
She started to murmur, "I'm sorry but-"
But I interrupted again, "You two had no permission! You, Rilla, had no reason to be so rude with Libby!! You-"
This time Rilla cut in. "I'm sorry, Olivia! I'm sorry, Bee!" she was staring at her lap.
"I'm sorry too, Rilla..." replied Libby, not ungraciously. Then she added. "I forgive you, and I went too far....."
Rilla mumbled her forgiveness, and fled to her room.
Libby and I both sat there a moment or two more. Then I went home, and Libby went to clean up the school. Thus, that is why I am sitting here, peacefully, writing this blog post. 
A now cheerful,
P.S. Sorry to inflict such a choppy post on you!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mad Libby(s)?

Libby's right. I ran away to Cincinnati!!! :) Yay!!! "Mr. Driving for Grandma Guy", drove me to Grandma's house yesterday, and then Daddy picked me up in his "Big Black Car", and drove him, and Mommy, and I aaaaallllllllllllll the way to Cincinnati. While he was driving, Mom and I played Mad Libs. I mistakenly called it Mad Libbies, and then the whole story came out. :( Oh dear... I think I won't be able to post anymore on Bee's Way.... Sorry!!! It just came out!
Anyway, I'm having a GREAT time in Cincinnati. I <3 all the snow. I wish I could send you some, Kit!!!
Rilla is in the house!!! (Because of all the snow!) :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I would have posted sooner, and set to rights everything that ol' Prissie has said wrong, but our family doesn't own a computer. Argh!!
Okay, you're probably wondering what in the world is she wearing?!?!? That's exactly what I was wondering today when I saw her at my mom's store, Sam's Stuff and Stuff. She said her name was 'Cowruh' so, I guessed it was Priss, because her other name is Cora. Argh!!! She is sneaky, rude, and pretends to be innocent and kind.
Just last Friday, I came in third place in a golf tournament, and she congratulated me!! Argh!! And she probably knew my motto, "First or worst"!!!! Argh!!!
Today, after my suspicions were confirmed about her being herself, she ran away pretending to cry, because her plans didn't work!! Argh!! She ran away to Cincinnati!! Argh!!
Olivia Green 
P.S. 1 That green is for your benefit, Prissie
P.S. 2 Sorry my post was so choppy. I'm angry!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh dear!!!

Imagine my surprise when I, Rilla Smithens, peacefully singing my favorite pop song, innocently opened Bee's blog. "Oh dear!!!" I exclaimed, as I melted into a puddle on the floor.
For a second I looked at the post.... then I looked at the signature.....
"Oh dear!!!" I nearly shouted. 
Grandma came in and peeked over my shoulder.
"If you're gonna use that new-fangled thing George put in, don't yell,"Grandma paused. "It ain't the end of the world you know."
"It is to me!!!!" I said passionately.
Grandma, that old dear, raised her eyebrows, and quickly stepped out of the house to tend to the horses.
For a while, I sat, and cried, and cried, and cried. Then I lifted my head, and yelled at an imaginary Olivia Green.
I used to like the color green, but now we aren't on speaking terms.
After that I wrote a really cutting email to Libby. And then, with my last spasm of anger, I vehemently pressed 'Send'.
For once in my life I wished 'that new-fangled thing George put in' really had crashed. I stared at the screen.
"Oh dear!!!" I shrieked. "I really sent that? Me? Kind, silly Cora Elizabeth Priscilla Smithens!?!!?!?!?!"
I banged my head on the desk.
A very sincere, a very confused, a very repentant,

Friday, March 4, 2011

That Rilla!!!!

Oohhhh!!! I'm gonna fly off the handle! (Libby here) That Rilla is so aggravating!! A couple days ago I heard Molly call for her, Rilla bounced over, and boy! she pounced on Molly!!! Poor Molly nearly fell over!!! Then when I went to the movies with them, Rilla acted like I was some.... intruder!!! And when 'Curly Top' finished, I told her it was a silly movie, and she said she liked it!!! Of all the impudence!!! Flat off she liked it!!!
Okay, that isn't all, once I came into her room, and she yelled at little ol' me, like I was a stalker or something! I wouldn't hear of it, I marched off, feeling I was right!! Then to my horror, I look on Bee's blog, and she had posted about it!! How rude!! And now, when I walk by her, she looks at me as if... as if, I had hurt her! She gives me strange looks!! She makes me want to blow up!!!!!
Yours truly,

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hi readers! I'm Molly McIntire, eleven years old, and I like the color blue....
but that's not the point!!!! I'm wanting to post about the strange behavior of Olivia Green.... and my relation Priscilla Smithens.
The whole school has been charged with electricity since Rilla's post, I can't understand it. Somebody whispered in my ear something weird about Rilla, but I couldn't catch it....
Forever yours in suspicion,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heh heh...

Hello, I'm Rilla Smithens, well... no I'm not. I'm Priscilla Smithens, but if you call me Prissie... watch out!! :) 
I came from Cincinnati, Ohio and we moved just recently. My parents decided to go back to Cincinnati the first night we were here, and they left me with Grandma, after making preparations at a big boarding school. At home we have a lot of horses, but it's too far away from the school, so I board at the school. Sigh...... well, it's not too bad actually, because I found my old friend from Cincinnati, Kit Kittredge. 
Okay!! Now that you now a bit of my history time for the fun stuff. I'm posting this post because of a life-long dream I've had...... well, no, actually I've been dared by a girl who thinks she's my friend. I'm not mentioning any names. Take a hint Libby!!!!
Bee is too busy worrying about her hamster to post on her blog, so I thought I'd do it for her. 
I'd like to thank all my best, and real friends, (Hint #2 Libby Green) for making this possible, aforesaid Kit Kittredge, Samantha Parkington, Dakota Ronan, and my distant relation Molly McIntire.
Uh-oh! There's Libby, I'd better wrap this one up, and get far, far away before she reads this post!
I'm already plotting my next post!!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hi! (My first post!!)

Hello, I'm Bee. I started this blog so that I could have a place to showcase my AG dolls and crafts.
Some facts about me,
1. My favorite colors are purple, blue, and orange.
2. I have 6 dolls currently.
3. My first doll's name is Linzy.
4. I'm excited about blogging!
That's about it,
See you around!
~ Bee ~