Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Necessities of Dolly Life

Hello!!! :D It's me, a buzzy Bee!! I'm here to talk about dollhouse stuff I made. (Okay, I had a leetle help.)
 Let's begin with some food. First of all, all the food and most of the dishes are clay, painted with acrylic paint by B-E-E, (That's M-E!) unless otherwise stated. Contents: Baked whole chicken, cake, fruit salad, vegetables, pie, two bowls, and two jugs. I got most of the ideas for the food from a dollhouse book.
Anyway, for the chicken, I didn't make the platter, or the vegetables on the platter, just the chicken itself.
The cake, I suppose is vanilla, with strawberry icing, but none of the residents of my dollhouse will tell me what flavor it is.
In the fruit salad I have three bananas, a cluster of grapes, and one apple. I made the bowl myself.
The vegetables consist of three potatoes, three carrots. The container was wood.
Pie.... hmm... tasty.... anyway, the pie is apple, as far as I know, as aforesaid, my dolls won't tell me.
The other bowls, and the two jugs, are wooden.
By the way, I didn't make the table, just FYI.

Next, here are two dolly dresses I made. They're not great, but at least my dolls have clothes. I didn't make the patterns, I just cut the pieces and sewed them together.
(I didn't make this table either. :P)

Last of all, I hope you can tell what this is. You spend nearly half your life in one. A bed. It is made from pipe cleaners, felt, stuffing, and thread. I had lots of help. Beelieve me you, this took a lot of pipe cleaners.
Thus, my dollhouse is equipped with the "Necessities of Life."
:D Thank you for looking!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Smarties

This is the last post ever on Bee's Way. My blog is crowding my life out, and I don't have time for the things I love. I'm starting to think dolls kinda creepy, they just don't cut it anymore. I've been neglecting my chores, and I just can't do it!     
Goodbye readers...............................................................................................


       Like that would ever happen! :D Happy April Fools everyone! 

                                       A laughing Bee!!!

'Barbie' stuff!!

Hey you guys! It's me, Bee! This post is going to be about some of the 'Barbie stuff' I have made in the past. I hope you all know what a 'Barbie' is, otherwise, or this whole post will be useless. :)

3 pillows, and a blanket,
all made out of felt

I believe these three pillows, and the blanket came first. I made them as a Christmas present for my younger sister.

'Barbie' Rug

I think the rug came next. It is crocheted Red Heart yarn. Sorry about the bad picture. :(
It looks felted because one night I sat and crocheted it, I stuck it in my pocket, a couple weeks later, when I was putting clothes away, I found an itty, bitty felted rug in my pocket.

Tomato & chicken soup, complete with sandwich
I made the soups and sandwich sometime, I can't remember when. The sandwich was simply three pieces of felt, sewn together. I made the soup cans out of tiny empty spools, tape, and some construction paper.

This dress and belt were also presents to my younger sister. I made the belt myself, (it is very hard to get on) but I had to have a lot of help with the dress.

 I made these shoes out of felt for my 'Skipper' doll. They were just going to be clogs, but I did a little sewing on the heel to make it pointy. (I also cut some off the toe.)

Thank you for looking through all of the things I have sewed and crocheted! The crafts didn't go exactly in this order, but I tried my best to remember.
            A very buzzy,