Saturday, February 23, 2013

Case File Notes #4 (Conclusion)

Detective- okay, if you don't know who I am by now, go back and re-read The Locker Stalker post, from last September, where everything began.

Case File Notes #4
Detective: Lola Mae Akina
Date: Dec. 12 (again)
Perpetrator: Stinky Benita Garle
Description: I shrieked at the top of my lungs. If you will recall, I was grabbed from behind, so my actions are perhaps justifiable. "Shh!!!" hissed Sarita, the grabber.
"It was you!" I shouted, not heeding her warning.
The librarian glared at us.
"Sorry!" we whispered penitently, before turning back on each other.
"It was you!" I said again, only quieter this time.
"What was me?" asked Sarita
"The locker stalker! Molly's name tag is proof! Doors have been opening mysteriously all over school, and Molly's name tag went missing, and here it is, and, and-"
"I'll explain everything."
All right, so she used like a million more words than necessary, so I'll paraphrase.
This girl was angry because she was taken out of our school as a trouble-maker. So this girl (known to all, save her parents, as Stinky Benita Garle) dressed up like Sarita, and tried to stir up trouble all over the school. Wow. Nice going, Stinky. All that worry for nothing.
Of course, Sarita found this out and told Ms. Headmistress, so all the locks in school will be changed, and Sarita was kinda like a secret agent, setting everything to rights. The greatest mystery is, is that Sunny disappeared while I was talking to Sarita, and I haven't seen her since. -LA

Sarita on the left, Stinky on the right. Good disguise, no?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Case File Notes #3 (Rather late, due to holidays.)

Detective LA reporting for duty. (About three? months late.) Whoops.
Anyway, here is what happened:

Case File Notes #3
Detective: Lola Mae Akina
Date: Dec. 12, 2012
Perpetrator: Undetermined (sort of)
Description: OK, so skulking around with Sunny hasn't been the smoothest job. "What are we doing, anyway?" is her favorite question. I just answer, "None of your business", which inevitably leads to her asking why I am dragging her around the school, anyway. Good question. Heh.
So let's cut straight to the drama. BUM DUM BUM!!!!!!!!
Sunny and I were walking around, minding our own business, when suddenly, we happened upon THIS:                                            
Photo copyright Linzy Doll
"Is that Sarita's bag?"gasped Sunny.
"AHA! I KNEW IT WAS HER ALL ALON-" I started to shout before I was suddenly grabbed! 
Unfortunately, you'll have to come back tomorrow to see my fate.