Hello readers! On this page, I will show you how to make fun crafts that don't require much expertise or any expensive supplies.

Here are some tips that I can personally recommend to make sure your craft-times are fun and easy:
1. Always clean up any spilled liquid immediately. If it's water, someone is bound to trip; if it's glue, it will dry, and you will have a horrible time scraping it up.
2. Put away anything you don't need, unless you can project using it in the next 10-15 minutes. This will keep your space clean and easy to see, and will please the people you live around. :)
3. Provide adequate light when doing any sort of craft. Your eyes will thank you.
4. Carry scissors point down, and never play with or wave any tool, even if it's paper.
5. Have plenty of ventilation.
4. And don't forget to enjoy yourself! :D

(This list isn't a be-all end-all, but it does outline the way I like to craft. Emergency-free.)

Barbie-sized Table (Featured in my post Day Three: Miscellaneous)
What you will need:
2 empty spools
1 thin sheet of cardboard
1 thick sheet of cardboard 
Glue (I used Elmer's, but any liquid school glue should probably do the trick) 

Step 1: Take your empty spools, and peel the stickers off the tops & bottoms.Glue them together. Let dry as you do next step.
Step 2: Take your thick cardboard and cut a table top shape piece out of it. Mine had eight sides, and was approximately five and a half in. (13 and a half cm) long, and nearly five in. (12 and a half cm) wide. Cut it out. Trace the shape onto your thin cardboard, and cut that out. Glue both together. Let dry as you do next step.
Step 3: Take your thick cardboard and cut out a base. My approximate dimensions were: 2 in. (5 cm.) long, and 1 and one quarter in. (3 cm.) wide. Glue it onto the connected spools.
Step 4: Glue the top of the table to the spools. Let dry.

18" Doll-sized Milk Carton
What you will need:
1 large sheet of cardboard

Step 1: Make your cardboard shape to look like the one shown.

To cut out your shape, start with a 4" by 4" square, with a side flap that is a couple centimeters thick.
Measure out the lengths of the triangles and cut them to look like the picture.

Step 2: Fold at all the black lines shown in the above picture.

Now, that your cardboard is flexible, add dots of glue to all the flaps except the one I called 1 in the picture, and then fold flap 2 under 3, flap 3 under 4, and 4 under 1, and hold your carton in shape until the glue dries properly. 

Step 3: Tape at the seams where the cardboard meets (this should be the on pointy top bit and on one side), so that the end result is this:

Step Four: This is my favorite step. Decorate! I covered my cartons with paper and then cut out milk ads out of magazines, and made my very own milk cartons. :D
Here are my pictures:

By the way, this process also works for orange juice cartons! 
I made one, but got no useable pictures out of it. 

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