Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random News from New School President!

(Drum roll please!!) Last spring, I, Molly McIntire swooped into the school, swept up the majority of the votes, and I, the patient Molly, waited AAAAAAAALLLLLL through the llllllooooooonnnng, hot summer, 'til FINAAAALLY I was inaugurated.
Thank you, thank you, my big braggy moment is over. Okay, let me shed some light. Last spring, our school had student body president elections. Edith and her 'friend' (toady) ran, Kaya and I think... maybe Jenna? ran, and then Rilla and I ran.
Yes, Rilla is my new vice president. I am soooooo excited! And also my wrist has healed, and that's why I'm typing again. :D Epical!

It was really hilarious because last week, Linzy went to this sleep over with Bee, (I wasn't invited which I was kind of ticked about :P) but when she came home, she was... weird. She staggered into my house and flopped down on the sofa. She was giggling like she had no sense (which might be true!)
Linzy just wouldn't stop laughing! (It's a good thing I was the only one home, since Ricky totally would have freaked.)
Eventually she stopped laughing, and moaned, "I so tired."
"So what's wrong, Linzy?" I asked.
"Sugar," she replied. Her eyes looked like she had garbage bags under them. Probably she didn't go to sleep at all. She began again. "And Cooking Mama, and dancing, and singing, and popsicles, and and and..."
I will leave off all her 'ands', hiccups, and giggles.
I pushed her all the way back to her house, and all the time she wouldn't stop talking about how much her head hurt.
Wow. The thing is, I'm actually used to her acting like she's a maniac. (Don't worry, she was fine after the sugar's effects wore off.)

Anyway, back to my public servantiness.
So far, I have accomplished is making a reserved area for playing football in the school lawn.
I bet your asking, "Hey, I thought this was a girl's school?"
News flash! Libby LOVES football. And anyway, whenever we have a play or a basketball game, all our brothers come bounding in, trampling all of the pretty grass. Mr. Murphy the janitor gets awfully touchy when it comes to that grass! 
I put the rec area at the back of the school, so it isn't very noticeable. 

I also got the "No posting of signs" signs, and the "Stay off the grass" signs re-painted. They look great! ........ Well, sort of. 
Now they're covered in smileys, hearts, peace signs, and rainbows because I gave the art class that job. 
Well that wraps things up nicely!

President McIntire i.e.
Molly M.