Thursday, July 12, 2012

A thought

Yesterday is tomorrow of yesterday, and the day after of day before last. 

Today is yesterday of tomorrow, and tomorrow of yesterday.

Tomorrow is today of tomorrow, and yesterday of day after next.

I felt philosophical!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Readers,

How are you? I am fine. My language book tells me not to start letters like this. But I don't believe it. Otherwise, how would I write this to you?
Oh. This is Lola by the way.
This blog post is coming to you all the way come Kaui, Hawaii. Technology is amazing, no?

So far nothing much is happening here.
I've ironed the clothes until they were black, but they still look just as wrinkled. My mom told me that maybe I ought to let Miho iron the clothes next time. Whatever.

Miho, Poppy, and I went surfing a couple days ago, and Poppy supposedly met a magical dinosaur, and nearly got eaten by sharks. I wasn't with her at the time, so I don't know if it's true or not.
I wasn't with her, (1.) She was using the only surfboard our family has. (2.) I don't like swimming in the ocean. (3.) I don't surf anyway you look at things.

 Hawaii by Lola

Dolphins jump and dash.
Fish swim and splash.
I sit and mash
Taro root.

Did you like my poem? It was fun to write.
Have a good day!

Lola Akina

P.S. This is the postscript. L.A.

Monday, July 9, 2012

We're back.... finally

I have found two things out about myself.
1. I am a procrastinator
2. My real name is Ruby, although you may still call me Sunny. :)

You see, when I and my two other triplet sisters were born, Aunty Alison wanted one of us to be named after her. Except we weren't. So she got angry, and persistently calls me Sunny, & it stuck.

Anyway, summer camp was a scream... literally.
I got stung by a wasp, fell off the high ropes course, kept getting in trouble for things I didn't do, and had more than five nervous breakdowns.
Otherwise, camp was excellent.
At least I think it was. The whole thing was kind of a blur.
Libby and Jenna kept chasing each other around the campsite and doing stupid things, 'just for kicks', Eliza made a complete nuisance of herself, Kirsten shot for the Happy Camper Award, Molly was a model camper, and the blue team finally won a game. I tried to stay out of trouble, but trouble kept finding me.
Still smiling,
Sunny D.
P.S. Did you notice that my name is a kind of soft drink? S.D.