Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hey fashionable people of the universe!!! It's me, Sunny (who has never posted on this blog before.) I wanted to tell you about my dear friend Linzy. Yesterday, Justin Bieber's image was sabotaged in her eyes. It all started with an innocent phone call from Josefina. Josefina told Linzy that she won a sweepstakes on some cereal box, and that she got to meet Justin Bieber in person. Linzy begged to come over to Kirsten's house where they were meeting. She was granted the permission. Dakota's grandmother drove her over to the Larson's house. When she got there, she met 'him' and was in total awe, and made a complete fool out of herself. Libby came in, and talked to Justin about golf clubs, and Kirsten's older sister Kelly came down in her pajamas, and handled the situation  by saying, "Well this is awkward."
After a couple uncomfortable minutes it was revealed to Linzy that Molly was dressing up as Justin Bieber, Libby was faking, and Kelly was really Kit. Linzy nearly had convulsions. Eliza her twin lied to her AGAIN, and told her that it really WAS Justin Bieber, AND LINZY BELIEVED HER AGAIN!!!!!!! 
After that, the truth was spilled again, and Linzy had to go home.
As a result, a lot of people were grounded. And Linzy wouldn't say a word today, and she also put all her Justin Bieber merchandise in her closet. I saw her with my own two blue eyes.
I had to pump Kit for most of the little details, but I did watch some of that through a window.
Wow.... I live in a weird town....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

~Summer Vacation~

Sigh... Olivia.... SUMMER!!!! (My favorite season!)
Okay, hi. This is Libby. I am writing in short sentences because it is summer.
Vacation. Here. Now. Yeah. Awesome. Anyway.
Rilla is right, the end of year tests were... repulsive. BUT,
I was able to pass.... AND, I get a couple months of vacation. 
Summer vacation, no less. 
Hmm... not much has happened, other than a busy schedule with no school. :p I have been 'working myself to the bone' as mother fondly tells me. :) It feels like it. I'm wishing maybe I'll get to go to summer camp this year!!!! I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish!!!!!!
OLIVIA!!!!!!!! :D 
P.S. #1 Sometimes I have to let this stuff out... in bold type.
P.S. #2 Here's my excuse for not posting sooner, well, let's just say the computer and I aren't on speaking terms.