Monday, April 22, 2013

Belated Birthday!!!!

Hello, world! (On second thought, perhaps I'll only address the inhabitants of the world....)
At any rate, it is I, Rilla the Intrepid, who doth loveth bunnies. (Hmm... I think I need to describe myself in a more intrepid manner.... Maybe Rilla the Intrepid Avenger of Bunnies? No, I think hare sounds much better...)
Back to the point (or lack of one) it was my b-day on April 1!!!!! (Also it was Molly's, too, but that's kinda obvious since we're twins...)
Let's skip all the chit-chat and head straight to the pictures! (Sorry they aren't very good; they were taken at night!)
We got "Tobi and the Gangstahs" to come for our birthday party. They really livened up the party!
Sadly, Mom wasn't all that happy about Tobi dancing on top of her new table....

Sunny always just has to be the life of the party....

Time for presents! 

And Molly got two stuffed animals,
a mouse and an owl.
I got socks and a book.

I think the best part of the party was just hanging out with all my friends.
The worst part? Cleaning up after the party!

The weirdest thing about all this (the thing I just really can't fathom) is what happened to Linzy?
Molly definitely invited her... Did I just go temporarily off my rocker and not see her or something?
Rilla, The Intrepid Avenger of Bunnies (Who is running out of parentheses)