Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bee's Way is going to the dolls!!

Yesterday morning I was reclining regally on a lovely chaise lounge, sipping peppermint tea... yeah right, I was flopped out in the den, with a book when Molly McIntire came running up to me.
She was very agitated, and yet she still managed to stutter out all that happened between Rilla and Libby.
"And here I am reporting them to you," she gulped, after she finished. "You should have watched your blog better."
For a minute I was struck dumb. And then I had a two-second tantrum. I threw the pillows, and grumbled in a very loud voice. I was not screaming. I was raising my voice very loud. Okay, I was screaming.
After I very grumpily thanked Molly, she ran out of my house as fast as her legs could carry her, with a muttered, "So long, Bee."
As soon as she was gone I hopped up again, and ran to the computer. I read every post. I'm not sure I know what noise I made. It was between a growl and a, "Those guys!!!!!!!!"
After I had signed out of blogger, and quit the browser, I rushed to the Springfield Academy. 
I threw open the doors of the school, where Libby was holding a St. Patrick's Day bash. Some people complained that it was several days after St. Patrick's Day, but it didn't matter to Libby.
She was making a speech about turning St. Patrick's Day into St. Patrick's Week. I grabbed her off the lunch table where she was standing, and dragged her into the classroom.
"Olivia Sandra Green!!!!!!!!" I sputtered, as soon as the door had closed safely behind us.
"Yes?" she was annoyed at me for interrupting her speech.
"You are in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I snarled.
"I kinda guessed." she replied flatly.
I didn't explain everything, I yelled everything, and took away her privilege of posting on my blog for a couple weeks. I also made her promise to come with me to Rilla's house to apologize.
And so, this is how we ended up at Rilla's house at three o' clock PM.
When she opened the door, she looked surprised when she saw Libby and me standing, breathless, on her doorstep.
"Oh!" she exclaimed, when she opened the door. "Hi guys... come on in."
We did 'come on in', and abruptly sat down on two comfortable chairs.
"What 'buzzness' did you two come on?" Rilla giggled. And then she saw my face. She stopped giggling.
"It has to do with my blog," I replied darkly.
"Oh!" gushed Rilla. "Your cute, purple blog, I was just thinking-"
I was not to be resisted.
"You two need to stop this!!" I broke in, as my face started feeling hot. "Cora Elizabeth Priscilla Smithens!!!!!!!"
She started to murmur, "I'm sorry but-"
But I interrupted again, "You two had no permission! You, Rilla, had no reason to be so rude with Libby!! You-"
This time Rilla cut in. "I'm sorry, Olivia! I'm sorry, Bee!" she was staring at her lap.
"I'm sorry too, Rilla..." replied Libby, not ungraciously. Then she added. "I forgive you, and I went too far....."
Rilla mumbled her forgiveness, and fled to her room.
Libby and I both sat there a moment or two more. Then I went home, and Libby went to clean up the school. Thus, that is why I am sitting here, peacefully, writing this blog post. 
A now cheerful,
P.S. Sorry to inflict such a choppy post on you!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mad Libby(s)?

Libby's right. I ran away to Cincinnati!!! :) Yay!!! "Mr. Driving for Grandma Guy", drove me to Grandma's house yesterday, and then Daddy picked me up in his "Big Black Car", and drove him, and Mommy, and I aaaaallllllllllllll the way to Cincinnati. While he was driving, Mom and I played Mad Libs. I mistakenly called it Mad Libbies, and then the whole story came out. :( Oh dear... I think I won't be able to post anymore on Bee's Way.... Sorry!!! It just came out!
Anyway, I'm having a GREAT time in Cincinnati. I <3 all the snow. I wish I could send you some, Kit!!!
Rilla is in the house!!! (Because of all the snow!) :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I would have posted sooner, and set to rights everything that ol' Prissie has said wrong, but our family doesn't own a computer. Argh!!
Okay, you're probably wondering what in the world is she wearing?!?!? That's exactly what I was wondering today when I saw her at my mom's store, Sam's Stuff and Stuff. She said her name was 'Cowruh' so, I guessed it was Priss, because her other name is Cora. Argh!!! She is sneaky, rude, and pretends to be innocent and kind.
Just last Friday, I came in third place in a golf tournament, and she congratulated me!! Argh!! And she probably knew my motto, "First or worst"!!!! Argh!!!
Today, after my suspicions were confirmed about her being herself, she ran away pretending to cry, because her plans didn't work!! Argh!! She ran away to Cincinnati!! Argh!!
Olivia Green 
P.S. 1 That green is for your benefit, Prissie
P.S. 2 Sorry my post was so choppy. I'm angry!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh dear!!!

Imagine my surprise when I, Rilla Smithens, peacefully singing my favorite pop song, innocently opened Bee's blog. "Oh dear!!!" I exclaimed, as I melted into a puddle on the floor.
For a second I looked at the post.... then I looked at the signature.....
"Oh dear!!!" I nearly shouted. 
Grandma came in and peeked over my shoulder.
"If you're gonna use that new-fangled thing George put in, don't yell,"Grandma paused. "It ain't the end of the world you know."
"It is to me!!!!" I said passionately.
Grandma, that old dear, raised her eyebrows, and quickly stepped out of the house to tend to the horses.
For a while, I sat, and cried, and cried, and cried. Then I lifted my head, and yelled at an imaginary Olivia Green.
I used to like the color green, but now we aren't on speaking terms.
After that I wrote a really cutting email to Libby. And then, with my last spasm of anger, I vehemently pressed 'Send'.
For once in my life I wished 'that new-fangled thing George put in' really had crashed. I stared at the screen.
"Oh dear!!!" I shrieked. "I really sent that? Me? Kind, silly Cora Elizabeth Priscilla Smithens!?!!?!?!?!"
I banged my head on the desk.
A very sincere, a very confused, a very repentant,

Friday, March 4, 2011

That Rilla!!!!

Oohhhh!!! I'm gonna fly off the handle! (Libby here) That Rilla is so aggravating!! A couple days ago I heard Molly call for her, Rilla bounced over, and boy! she pounced on Molly!!! Poor Molly nearly fell over!!! Then when I went to the movies with them, Rilla acted like I was some.... intruder!!! And when 'Curly Top' finished, I told her it was a silly movie, and she said she liked it!!! Of all the impudence!!! Flat off she liked it!!!
Okay, that isn't all, once I came into her room, and she yelled at little ol' me, like I was a stalker or something! I wouldn't hear of it, I marched off, feeling I was right!! Then to my horror, I look on Bee's blog, and she had posted about it!! How rude!! And now, when I walk by her, she looks at me as if... as if, I had hurt her! She gives me strange looks!! She makes me want to blow up!!!!!
Yours truly,