Monday, October 17, 2011

An Injury of a Smaller Degree

It's me, Rilla, if you couldn't tell. Today my name is pickles, just FYI.
Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.(I was poking my broken foot again, although I know I shouldn't.)
Lately, almost everyone is getting hurt.  I, Molly, Sarita and Libby are all suffering in some way or another. (Also some other people are, too.)
I and Molly hurt ourselves before this weeks' basketball game, and Sarita and Olivia hurt themselves during the practice, and after the game. Crazy, huh? :O
Molly broke her wrist, that's why she obviously can't post on our blog. :) Oops.... I guess I shouldn't be smiling at others' affliction. :[ (That was a faked frown, by the way.) She only let me write one of my names on her cast. >:( Meanie.

Sarita was hit it the head by a basketball. She consequently thought she was going to go blind. (Her screams echoed through the gym.... it, unfortunately was hilarious.) She lost the feeling in her hands because she sat on them for so long in the nurse's office, that she couldn't tell she was touching her face. :[ (Another faked frown.) She also burned her hand at the Community barbecue.

Livvy's damage wasn't so funny. She was guarding the basketball hoop, and a basketball came soaring down and hit her in the head. After that she said she was okay, but after the game ended, she collapsed on the ground and was taken to the ER. :( This can be said with a sincere frown.

Well, um.... we're all doing okay I guess, although Libby's memory hasn't completely returned yet... (Awkward silence)
I'm probably going to be my favorite book character for Halloween, or I might be a princess. I don't know what the others are planning. :P

The eloquent, the injured,