Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wind in my hair...

Hello Readers,
It is I, Sarita. If I were any other doll, I would say that I don't know why I posted.
But I do.
I have found out that I love animals. Especially horses and birds.
Last Sunday, I took a riding lesson with Rilla whose grandmother owns three horses. Oh! They were beautiful.

Some girls like drawing, some enjoying gymnastics.
But if there's two activities you can't keep me from, it's frisbee golf and horseback riding.
The three horses they had were, Raymond (a colt), Cuddles (a gentle mare),
and Swifty (a gingery, bucking mare). I rode Cuddles. She was white, and rather short.

Rilla taught us how to saddle, ride, and curry horse. I liked the riding the best. Cuddles was only walking, and Rilla was leading her, but it fascinated me so much. To be so high in the air, feeling energy rolling through the horse's strong back, the wind in my hair...
The scenery was just AMAZING from up there!

Maybe I'll be a horse veterinarian when I grow up...
Sarita Belen

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 3: Miscellaneous

Welcome back, folks for another over-the-top day of... stuff. :)
Okay, yeah I know you're dying to see the photos but, I also have another announcement!
At present, today is the one and only day I will feature a how-to! (And also an extra picture I forgot to feature in yesterday's post. :p)

 First off, we have a lovely red and cream stocking. (I can say that because I didn't pick the colors or make the pattern, I just sewed it.)
It was for my grandma, since she didn't own a stocking, and also it made a nice Christmas present.

The next photo shows the pincushion which was also for my grandma. It was a really fun pattern, and since I had to read the manual for the sewing machine, this one probably taught me the most about sewing. Well... excepting Tallullah's new dress... (see day 2) I learned the hard way that's it best to zigzag stitch a dress before actually sewing it together.
These are some accessories I made for my younger sister's Strawberry Shortcake doll. They are both made from Red Heart, I believe. I crocheted them simply by chaining until it looked long enough.
My younger sister found the scenery for me, and I snapped the photo. :)

Here comes the part you have all been waiting for...
The do-it-yourself!
Okay. Here goes!

Barbie Table
What you will need:
2 empty spools
1 thin sheet of cardboard (the kind you get in tights, or in fat quarters)
1 thick sheet of cardboard (the kind you get in calendars)
Glue (I used Elmer's, but any liquid school glue should probably do the trick) 

Step 1: Take your empty spools, and peel the stickers off the tops & bottoms. Glue them together. Let dry as you do next step.
Step 2: Take your thick cardboard and cut a table top shape piece out of it. Mine had eight sides, and was approximately five and a half in. (13 and a half cm) long, and nearly five in. (12 and a half cm) wide. Cut it out. Trace the shape onto your thin cardboard, and cut that out. Glue both together. Let dry as you do next step.
Step 3: Take your thick cardboard and cut out a base. My approximate dimensions were: 2 in. (5 cm.) long, and 1 and one quarter in. (3 cm.) wide. Glue it onto the connected spools.
Step 4: Glue the top of the table to the spools. Let dry.

Okay, well that part is done. I hope it was helpful and descriptive.
By the way, I also made the food and books on the table itself. The bagel, cinnamon roll and the plates were made out of foam, the cake was a bottle cap with paper over it, and the book was just paper.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my posts, because I surely have, and you probably will be hearing from the dolls soon.
Well, until next time,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 2: Dolly Wardrobes!

I'm baaaaaack!
You are reading Day 2 of my Christmas presents!
Here are some photos of that:

 :D Ta-da! Now on to the finer details.
The tiny doll with the red hair is named Anna, and she was made by Mimi, and her web address is,
The doll in the middle with black hair, her name is Tallulah, and I made her a while ago for my older sister.

Okay, the purple dress was one I started for myself a while ago, and simply finished for my little sister's doll, since she had requested a dress.

The second photograph shows Tallulah wearing a snappy tie-up dress I made for my older sister. I actually didn't use a pattern for this one. :) I just found two pieces of fabric that looked fashionable together, and sewed them up on the sewing machine I use.

Next, we have the red berry tank top dress. It is modeled by the lovely Anna. The dress was meant to be a skirt for a "Stacie" doll, but it was too skinny, and had no snaps. Thus, I sewed a back seam, so it just slips right on, I added straps, tightened the front seam, and...
VOILA! There you have it.

Well, for tomorrow, I have sort of random gifts, but it also includes a how-to.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 1 of Presents: Turtle Crossing!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
It is I, the buzzy, the bouncy, the bubbly Bee!
I have come to show you all the felt turtles that have acted as stocking stuffers for my family.

Time for a tiny turtle history lesson. The first turtle I ever made was the the golden one. I started it the Christmas of 2010, but didn't finish it until 2011, since I had shoved it into the back of my shelf. :P
Although it didn't show up in the picture, I made a lucky seven on its back out of sequins, since turtle shells have designs on them... sort of.
After I finished the first one, I decided that ALL of my family would like turtles. (FYI, I put the first one in my older sister's stocking!)

Next I made the green one for my father. It has a question mark stitched on its back. (I was kinda tired the night I made that one, and I couldn't think of a better design right then.)

After that, I made the purple one, which in time, would be given to my mother. I accidentally cut its head a little small, but no matter.
A purple swirl adorns it shell.

Hmm... let me think now... I believe I made the friendly pink turtle next, as I planned the one for my brother. I gave the pink one to my younger sister. This also does not show up in the photo, but the pink one is two colors of pink. :)

After I finished planning the colors for my brother's awkward turtle, I started it. This one is a bit different since I made the design on it out of felt, not sequins. Awkward, no?

Last but not least, I made the turtle for my grandmother. It is very red. And burgundy. I also used burgundy for its shell.

By the way, I used Sharpie brand marker for their faces. (I am the queen of non sequiturs, ha ha!)

Anyway, back to life. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the turtles, and um.... um...
:D Say cheese!
P.S. I remember my lines now! Come back tomorrow for more awesome presents!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lola, and behold!

Hello, this post is by Livvie, (AKA Olivia Green), and I have some exciting news to share.

You know how my mother runs a small downtown corner shop?
Well, we used to live in the back of it, and it was very squashed, even if it was just my mom, my dad, my twin brother Olive, and me living there. 

BUT, (here comes the big news!), we decided we are going to live in a duplex with another family. 
The cool thing about it, is that they have two twin girls, that are nearly my age! (I hope they're nice! :p ) 
They seem pretty okay, but I always see them with their parents, so there's no way of telling.

Still, I took the chance, and invited them to post on the blog.  One of the girls' name is Lola, (that's what the title's about), and the other's name is Miho. (Crazy name, huh?)

Apparently they're from Kau'i, Hawaii, but Linzy says she and Bee brought them back from the American Girl store.
Anyway, at least we speak the same language, and I haven't heard them throw in any ho'opono's or humuhumu-whatevers, yet.

Well, cross your fingers for me.
~ Livvie ~

P.S.1 Bee is taking pictures of the Christmas things, so maybe she'll post soon-ish.
O.G. (Olivia Green)

P.S.2 This is a HUGE step in my life.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New look!

Happy New Year!
Yes, it is officially 2012, and I have renovated my page about my dolls!
I think it's more informative, and now I even put my dolls birthdays!
Okay my bragging moment is over. :)
Thank you!