Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer Memories

hey this is linzy and in a second it will be molly and thats because were all posting about our summers cause we couldn't decide who got the computer first and yeah this summer was great and camp was bad and i didn't go to that amusement park that everybody else did
love linzy
ps im not strong on capitalization or punctuation

Molly reporting for service.
How are you? How was your summer? Yeah, yeah,  yeah, my summer was good, all though when I worked at Corny Island I had to be a dancer, do puppet shows, make kebabs, and sing dumb songs. The only good thing was that I saw Libby, Kit, Sunny, Samantha, Jenna, Dakota, Kate, Jane, Kaya, and Josefina.
School is okay, and I'm on the basketball team.

Dear Readers,
This was my first summer in America. It is lovely. I stayed home while the other dolls went to Corny Island.
Sarita Belen

Summer was fab, and I am ready for a couple months of school. Just a couple, mind you. (I'm trying to be optimistic, okay?)
Corny Island was.... dorky.

Hello. Here is Cora Elizabeth Priscilla Smithens the Great. I stayed home all summer, rode horses, baked cookies, and practiced acting. It was exhilarating, although Bee didn't play much with us, though. I'm a cheerleader on our school's basketball team. Am I writing too much? Libby says I am. The other dolls posted such puny, little things.
And, and, and......

Libby here.... FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! >:( Why do I always have to go last?
I guess that's better than not at all, but how am I to know if we hold your interest? What if everyone stops reading before here?

Summer was hot... I sabotaged someone's yard because they were mean, I worked at Corny Island for half the summer..... so....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

yo yo yo

Hi... this is Bee... who hasn't posted on her blog in a loooooooooooooonnnnngggggg time.
Sorry about that!!!! I left it in care of the dolls, but those rascals were too lazy to post. You say you think I'm too lazy to post and I should take better care of my blog? Not so, my friend. For reasons beyond my control, I can't post too often. (Also I'm just plain too lazy. :P )

Here are some pics of what I made over the summer.
 These are modeling clay roses I sculpted with my hands; they're the same roses, at different angles.  FYI, they were a whole lot more cracked in real life. They were also more clay-ish. And, another thing to note is I did it completely from memory. No bouquets, no photos, no nothing.

The next picture is a pair of doll's sandals that I made for a friend. They are simply red foam sewn together. Nothing else very remarkable about them.

Well, thanks for looking! It's been a fun summer.

Oh! I just remembered. The dolls wanted me to tell you that they all went to that amusement park, Corny Island. They had an awful time, and I think they'll post about that later.