Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nosy Neighbor :(

Angry. Angry. Angry. Grrrrrrr...  >:(
I'm good now. Also my name is Hepzibah. Okay I lied, it's Olivia.
Ugh. It seems that in almost every post my name is denounced. First Rilla, now Lola. I am not nosy.
I just like knowing what everyone is doing every single moment of every single day. What are you doing now? Huh, huh, huh?
Okay I don't really care anyway, 'cause it's all about me. There is now 'i' in team, but there is me!

Anyway, I've learned that Mrs. Akina is really grumpy in the morning, and that Lola's twin Miho is really friendly. Also, the twins squabble ALOT and Lola's dad's name is Pika. Wow. You learn a lot when you live in a duplex. Or if you're nosy. If you're both (like me) you can learn everyone's secrets. Heh heh heh.
You may feel safe right now.... but am I really watching you? How do you know I'm not in your house this very minute? My green eyes have x-ray vision, and I am unstoppable! >:D

I'm kidding of course. I'm just a normal doll. (On the outside, anyway.) But if you look closely at me... you can tell I'm always watching for suspicious behavior. Did you notice that one of my eyes always points in a different direction? Yeah. That would be why.

A thirst for learning is only really poking your nose into everything.  So maybe I am nosy. Maybe I'm not.  You'll have to be observant enough to find out. Because you can never tell with 'Libbies'. No, you never can tell.

Olivia Sandra Green (Or maybe not!)
                                                             () ()
                                                            (^ ^)
                                                           ( (  ) )

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi. My name is Lola Mae Akina. I lived with my mom, dad, and twin sister, Miho. It almost seems like I live with my cousin Poppy, too because she is nearly always in my house. :)
I come from Kau'i, Hawaii.

This is a boring blog post, right?
Time to spice things up.

YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAAAAAHHH!!! (Awesome guitar solo!!!!!!!!!!!!)

:D You weren't expecting this, am I right? Ha! I bet you were expecting a boring, all-about-me post. Well, it's not. Okay yeah it is.
By the way, I loooooooooooooove gardening. And grape soda.
Libby is a nosy neighbor. And I am spouting random facts. Don't you just looooooooooove waterfalls and good poetry?
Me too.

That's Lola!