About My Dolls

Name: Linzy Doll
Favorite Color: Red
Birthday: August 12
Relatives of note: Molly McIntire (cousin), Priscilla McIntire (cousin)
Eliza Doll (twin)
Favorite food(s): Blue jello with gummy fish floating in it, and whipped cream on top (Seriously?)
Best Friend(s): Olivia Green
Pet(s): LadyBug (prideful-golden-retriever-type dog)
Basic Rundown: Linzy is exuberant, and always in her own little world. She has 4 siblings, including her twin sister. She has also taken a decided liking to cheer-leading.

Name: Molly Laura McIntire
Favorite Color: Light blue
Birthday: April 1
Relatives of note: Linzy and Eliza Doll (cousins), Priscilla Mcintire (twin)
Favorite food(s): Peanut butter granola bars (The breakfast of champions!)
Best Friend(s): Kit Kittredge, Priscilla McIntire
Pet(s): Snowdrop (crazy gigantic terrier dog-thing), Pedro (iguana), Purple (turtle) Blacky (snake)
Basic Rundown: Molly is Linzy's over serious cousin. She is a model pupil, working hard in school, a kind friend, and although she doesn't have much imagination, she's still very good-natured. AND SHE LOVES ANIMALS!!!!! (Only don't tell anyone.)

Name: Sarita Belen Garcia
Favorite Color: Yellow
Birthday: November 15
Relatives of note: Rowan Garcia (sister)
Favorite food(s): Chicken Quesadillas (Tasty!)
Best Friend(s): Mei Ling, Rowan Garcia
Pet(s): Rojo (bird), Butter (hamster)
Basic Rundown: Sarita is tall, quiet, shy, and nondescript. She enjoys watching birds, and is currently running the drama club.

Name: Ruby Elizabeth DuFord
Nickname: Sunny
Favorite Color: Um... she can't decide
Birthday: December 14
Relatives of note: Kit Kittredge (distant cousin)
Favorite food(s): Nachos and cheese... at least I think so... anyway...
Best Friend(s): Josefina Montoya, Samantha Parkington, anyone basically...
Basic Rundown: If this gives you a hint to her character, as a baby, Sunny's first word was, "Maybe."
The question that stumps her the most is, "Sunny, are you naive?" Answer: "Um... uh... I don't think so... but my mom does, and she's real smart, at least that's my perspective on the matter.... well I think that's what I think... What are we talking about? Was I even talking to you?"
One of the only things she has decided on all by herself, is that she is a super Jars of Clay fan! (Like me!!)

Name: Cora Priscilla Smithens Mcintire (Woah!)

Nickname: Rilla
Favorite Color: Purple
Birthday: April 1
Relatives of note: Molly McIntire (twin) Linzy Doll (cousin)
Favorite food(s): Apple pie
Best Friend(s):  Kit Kittredge, Molly McIntire, Samantha Parkington, Dakota Ronan (etc, etc.)
Pet(s): Bunny (bunny-- what did you think, a rattlesnake?), Curly (small, black terrier puppy)
Basic Rundown: Rilla leads a happy-go-lucky life with her mother, father, older brother, and twin sister.
She enjoys plays at her school, and poetry. 

Name: Olivia Sandra Green
Nickname: Libby, Livvie
Favorite Color: Green
Birthday: March 25
Favorite food(s): Pickles (Good choice!)
Best Friends: Jennifer Rublin, Linzy Doll
Pet(s): Mina Pooh (westie terrier dog)
Basic Rundown: Libby is a sports maniac who plays almost every sport, except curling. She helps her mother run "Sam's stuff and stuff", where they sell sportswear, beads, stuff, and stuff. (Did I mention stuff?)

(Lola is the girl on your right.) 
Name: Lola Mae Akina
Favorite color: Pink
Birthday: May 1
Relatives of note: Penelope (Poppy) Lotta Parker (cousin) Jennifer Rublin (another cousin) Miho (her twin, the girl on the left)
Favorite food(s): Shrimp (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww!)
Best friends: Miho, Poppy
Pet(s): Tidbit (rabbit), Carmel (beagle)
Basic Rundown: Lola is a sweet, spunky Hawaiian girl. She enjoys sewing and general crafting, and is very proud of her new, blue sewing machine. She has a taste for poetry, especially poems with surprise endings, or witty puns.

Name: Emma Nora Beatrix Bennet
Favorite color: Periwinkle
Birthday: September 1
Relatives of note: Olivia Green (cousin)
Best friends: Libby, Rilla
Basic Rundown: Emma is Libby's quiet, gentle cousin. The only things these two seem to share is their red hair, a love of music, and matching school outfits.