Monday, May 16, 2011

Sublime + Sickening = Not a good feeling

Hello! This is Rilla S. I hope you haven't forgotten my name. Cora Priscilla Smithens McIntire, at your service.
FYI, Bee is letting us post again. Cool.
Okay, first of all, I going to apologize for us. Sorry we haven't posted in a while. There now, I'm going to explain the title. Hmm... I guess this 'not a good feeling' all started a little while ago, when our school became very strict, and boarders like myself can't go anywhere, or do any thing without, like a trillion permission slips. We also have to wear uniforms. :(
Sigh... I got used to doing without going to dance, and playing at Molly's house, but now they're are grilling us with tests.
I feel 'sublime' because school is ending soon, and I shall see my beloved parents again, but I feel terrible because of all the tests. Headaches, backaches from sitting in hard chairs, finger cramps, shoulder twinges... the list goes on, and on.
The tests are making me into nervous wreck. What if I fail? What if I FLUNK?!?!?!?
How will I survive until Friday?!?!?
~Cora~ (I need a fancy named 'cause I've been reading Jane Austen.)